model and impact

1. direct results

From the USA to India to Cuba to Vietnam to Iraq, Uganda, and Venezuela, youth are learning how to process their experiences, express themselves, and tell the stories of their lives through our custom curriculum that teaches storytelling, self-expression, and photography skills. To date, our program platforms have supported 29,441 participants, and we have launched partnerships with Apple, Fujifilm, ViacomCBS, Whole Foods' Foundation, Framebridge, and Adobe.

In April 2020, we launched a new platform, the Where You Are workshop. An online activities resource, this is a self-guided workshop that is free for anyone anywhere with no specific camera needed. Inspired by our extensive curriculum, these activities are designed to directly meet participants wherever they are to help process their feelings while experiencing a sense of self-expression, creativity, connectivity, and fun. Currently, there are 6 chapters with a reach of over 28,600 participant sign-ups worldwide. It’s a tool for youth, educators, or families alike!

Through our Extensive Programs platform that provides an in-depth curriculum experience in a virtual or physical classroom setting, 841 youth have participated, raising over $62,500 USD in student photo sales. These sales fund much-needed supplies as determined most important by each local partner organization. In 2021 as we experience rapid growth, we are on track to support an additional 200 participants through these platforms.

A student proud of her photos during 100cameras X Hope Therapy Center, Da Nang, Vietnam, 2020.

A student proud of her photos during 100cameras X Hope Therapy Center, Da Nang, Vietnam, 2020.

2. our approach is proven

As showcased in the United Nations University’s report “Cradled by Conflict," renowned research supports our specific approach and programming, proving that youth who have experienced difficulties and were given an opportunity to process and share their past challenges were impacted positively over time. They felt heard and valued and were more likely to become effective contributors to their communities.

Our method and approach were included as an example of an enrichment program that could come alongside communities and local development organizations by providing this opportunity to their youth. In addition, we are proud to share that many images taken by 100cameras students around the world were included as features in the published report. 

Further academic research ties this exact link between the provision of visual arts to the impact it has with kids who have experienced challenges or difficulty in any way. Across the spectrum of challenges that youth face today, research supports that those who have been given the platform to process, tell, and feel heard are more likely to engage verses disengage.

3. Our model promotes self discovery and provision of communal needs

Working with youth worldwide ranging in age from 10-18 years old, our curriculum utilizes photography to provide a clearing where kids can process and tell the stories of their past, present, and future with no judgement or expectations.

Each lesson helps students identify and shift any internal negative dialogues of self-worth, emotions, or feelings of being overlooked or not heard toward writing a self-narrative of meaning and importance. Participants recognize the power that their voices have and that it has always been their own story — their own voice — and that their participation is very much needed in the bigger picture.

Our model will never attempt to suggest what structures or priorities are needed most in a local community and relies solely on the rooted and accomplished local partner organization to choose what would be the most effective benefit for the students and their peers.

Within the Extensive Programs model, whenever possible with the partner organization, the participants are included in the decision for what photo sales funds could best provide. This is crucial in showing youth firsthand how they can be important contributors to their surroundings at the core.

Through their perspectives and community contributions being uplifted onto a global platform, youth are showing themselves that today and always, they are the bigger picture. Every time you see and listen to what kids worldwide have to show and say, you are lifting them up, too.

The graduating class of 100cameras X Teach for Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2018.

The graduating class of 100cameras X Teach for Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2018.

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