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The 100cameras Program Platform is specifically designed to work in partnership with local schools, community centers, children’s homes, or enrichment programs. We are focused on providing sustainable solutions that equip local leadership to engage student participants with tools to tell their stories and become the change-makers in their own communities.

This is an incredible opportunity for these kids because it is a window into a new world that is filled with innovation, creativity, ways to see the world differently, and therefore to experience life in a new way. In communities like this one, where the priority is always food security, shelter and education, bringing a cultural activity has immense power and effect in those who take part in it and those around, too.
— Romina Hendlin, Program Leader, Cúcuta Colombia


Partner organizations are accepted through an application process and ARE approved based on the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrates strong community commitment ties through programs and services.

  2. Includes localized leadership, voices, and perspectives within the infrastructure of the organization.

  3. Must be willing and able to establish and maintain a long-standing partnership with 100cameras.

  4. Shows substantial need that this program can positively impact students through creative expression, feeling connected to themselves and their surroundings, and/or photo sales funds raised.*

  5. Must demonstrate accountability with funds and impact, including outcomes and measurements assessments during the program (100cameras team will support you with the tools needed to do this at every step).

  6. Shows enthusiasm and desire to work alongside 100cameras to help make the program a special and celebrated experience for the participants.

  7. Has a lead representative to be liaison between the partner organization and 100cameras.

  8. Has a teacher ready and willing to receive training and support from 100cameras staff and to teach students. (This may or may not be the same person as the lead representative.)

  9. Commits to engage with 100cameras to provide progress reports on course updates, impact data, images, and stories to help amplify students’ voices and perspectives.

  10. Must have infrastructure that works well with the program. Such as:

  • The age group served ranges between 10-18 years old, with the opportunity to group kids closer together in age to best benefit from the curriculum experience.

  • Benefit from this program becoming a partner alongside the organizations’ existing programming.

  • There is space in the school programming during or after school for student participants to be able to participate consistently in an eight class course (Could be implemented one day a week, every day in a row for a week, etc. However best fits the school/organization’s structure).

  • Student participants that have either experienced or are still experiencing challenging circumstances in life. “Challenging circumstances” is a wide range, and we define it as anything that has generated feelings of anxiety, instability, stress, uncertainty, concern, or lack of safety in the lives of youth.

  • Has the ability to receive student photo sales to fund educational, medical, or lifeline supplies (specific supplies are determined by the school/organization and students).

*A note on Student Photo Sales: 100cameras shares and sells a selection of students' images as an important part of our full circle model where youth see the impact of their contributions.

  • The full proceeds from these sales go back to each Partner Organization! (Only the cost to print the actual image is deducted from each sale.)

  • We have learned over the years that the total amount of funds raised varies a lot, and while certain factors can support the amount of funds raised through photo sales, no amount is guaranteed.

  • While not required in any way, we invite all Partner Organizations to collaborate with us via existing structures they already have in place to join 100cameras in raising awareness about the program and the students' perspectives and photographs.

  • The individual student experience is the highest impact priority, and we do not base program application acceptances based on a prediction of photo sales.


I walked in thinking everything was in black in white. But I walked out seeing that we can all have different emotions and that we can see and interpret differently. [Shutter Speed] helps because a lot of times I feel like I’m alone so it would help reflect my feelings since a lot of times, I can’t say how I feel. Or when I try to say it, I end up stumbling over my words, or, it just doesn’t sound right. So if I can take a picture, I don’t have to speak, and you can know what I’m feeling.
— Promize, Youth Participant, Chicago USA

Through interactive lectures, camera and photo activities, and group discussions, our curriculum utilizes the three key benchmarks of composition, photography, and storytelling to teach EACH LESSON:

  1. Introduction: Get to know the camera and each other

  2. Composition Techniques: Storytelling is an important piece in photography

  3. Camera Tool-belt Techniques: How to take great pictures and feel confident

  4. Range of Feelings: Oh! All the emotions that can be expressed and communicated

  5. Something of Me: A time to explore the personal narrative and document points of pride

  6. Map My Story: Process the past, reflect on the present, and look to the future

  7. Portraiture: An art form to express an idea, story, emotion, perspective, or self-view

  8. Your Role in the World: Create central themes to tell big picture stories; graduation celebration

Each lesson has customized prompts and exercises that guide students through telling the stories of their surroundings as they see it — the stories of their everyday lives, school, communities.

Learn more about our curriculum goals, objectives, and how it serves social-emotional learning here:


The 100cameras program and the use of photography affords our youth a normative experience and an additional tool in their continued path to restorative healing/resiliency.
— Molly Johnson, Partner Organization Coordinator, White Plains USA

Our all-inclusive program kit is turnkey for educators and participants alike by packaging up the tools, materials, and structures that have been tested by 100cameras teachers around the world for over a decade.

This platform is designed entirely to compliment the goals and priorities of each local organization and teacher. It includes the following: 

  • 8 Classroom Lesson Plans designed to meet educational programming standards (digital)

  • All supporting materials such as slideshows, worksheets, & graduation certificates (digital)

  • Classroom assessment tools to track the growth of each student and project's impact (digital)

  • Point-and-shoot cameras (10)

  • SD memory cards (10)

  • Camera cases (10)

  • Student journals (10)

  • USB Flash drives for photo storage (10)

  • Access to the 100cameras Education Portal which includes curriculum tutorials and tools that are customized so you can interact and learn at your own pace

  • Unlimited curriculum and program Q&As with the 100cameras team

  • Any real-time support needed before, during, and after the program

  • Management of online project webpage at 100cameras.org and photo sales gallery, including all student photo sales publication, printing, and distribution

  • The desire to continue a recurring program partnership!


The application process is designed for both organizations to explore if a collaboration would be a great fit! Upon completion and determination of acceptance, each applicant becomes a scholarship candidate and is placed on the 100cameras scholarship waitlist. At that point, our team will begin to either match your program with a funder (if available at that time) or source funding for your program. As a scholarship recipient, the program is provided at no cost to the partner organization, including all curriculum materials, photography equipment, and support.

If you would prefer to bypass the scholarship waitlist process through funding your own program, we will work to provide a subsidized cost that is tailored to your organization's needs and structures. Please Contact us to explore this option.

The program was so beneficial to our organization because the class addresses so many of the things we try to work on with our kids during a therapy session, so it was really nice to use such a fun and meaningful class to work on social skills, communication skills, emotional and behavioral regulation, attention, direction-following, and much more. This was the first time any of them had ever had a chance to share something that they did and get public recognition for it.
— Caroline Mrowiec, Partner Organization Director, Da Nang Vietnam